This is The Curious Mindset, a private community for technology leaders to solve challenges together.

We apply the insights of world-class performers to the practical problems that technology leaders encounter every day – through virtual special guest sessions, masterclasses, and positive debate.

The Curious Mindset is supported by 64TEQ®, which means NO FEES OR SALES PITCHES. Beyond that, we are founded on Adam Grant’s premise that “the most meaningful way to succeed is to help other people succeed.” That’s why we’re here.

We are invitation-only. To register your interest, “follow” our LinkedIn page so we can contact you.

The Curious Mindset

What We Deliver

Our vision is to be the best global technology leadership community for people like us – engaged, passionate and curious. We deliver this through:

  • Free, fortnightly special guest sessions and masterclasses featuring elite performers and authorities from sport, adventure, technology leadership, and the British Armed Forces. (Note: If the guest is also an author, we send all attendees a free copy of their book.)
  • Practical application of insights to the real, human challenges of technology leadership and building world-class teams.
  • Honest debate, collaboration and shared problem-solving.
  • Invitation-only (without fees or sales pitches).

Meet Our Team

Bandish Nayee

Founder & Co-Host

Michelle Nayee

Operations Director

Rachel ab Iorwerth

Community Builder
The Curious Mindset

Bryony Christie

Head of Community
The Curious Mindset

Adrian Larkin

Social Strategist
The Curious Mindset

Why We Are Here

The Curious Mindset is built on the simple truth that world-class technology leadership goes way beyond technology. Whether we are leading a team or delivering digital transformation, we’re in the people business.

“Digital Transformation projects are only partly about technology. Most of the work is on the people side, and changing an organisation’s culture is the key to success.”

Jim O’Donnell.

And yet, many technology leaders spend more time in strategic planning workshops than learning about leadership, teamwork or cultural change.

On average ten times more, across their career lifespan.

And the consequences are significant. Technology leadership can be lonely and stressful. We know that technology problems are easily solved by world-class teams.

But creating and leading those teams without critical skills can be a huge challenge.

Our mission is to fill this gap.

At The Curious Mindset, no one leads alone.

As Jean-Philippe Courtois (EVP Microsoft) says: “The path to Digital Transformation runs in parallel with a culture of learning.”

We are an invitation-only community for technology leaders. To register your interest, ‘follow’ our LinkedIn page so we can contact you.

How Are We Funded?

The Curious Mindset is supported by Bandish Nayee, founder of The 64TEQ® Group. This allows us to remain sales-free and focus on delivering insight to our members.

64TEQ® is an ecosystem of technology businesses that serve technology leaders. It’s support of The Curious Mindset is part of the group’s holistic approach.

TCM members can access expertise and services from 64TEQ®, but Bandish is here to learn. The motto of 64TEQ® is “Together, We Grow“… and TCM embodies that philosophy.

Thank you to all the members who are shaping this community.